By installing a home security system, you not only protect your family and your belongings, but you get the peace of mind that you deserve knowing that your home is safe and sound. With excellent quality intruder alarms, sensors, entry control systems and hi-tech surveillance cameras, JCL provides a range of products that are proven crime deterrents and are guaranteed to make your life that bit easier.

Home automation makes it easier than ever to improve the security of your home by allowing you to manipulate the system using personalised rules. For example, you can set your lights to switch on if motion is detected, have your doors lock when your car leaves the driveway or unlock in the event of a fire. You could even monitor your property on your smartphone or computer whilst you’re away and receive alerts if an alarm is triggered.

A video door entry system allows you to see who is at your front door without opening it, or even getting out of your seat. It allows you to visually confirm that your visitor is not an intruder and then decide whether or not you want to invite them inside.

A home security camera will detect an incident at your property, record it and send you a notification so that you are aware of the situation even if you are away. The recording may help you if you have to identify a criminal suspect, or may even deter the criminal in the first place. There are many advantages to installing a surveillance camera, such as reduced home insurance and increased property value.

A secure gate will help keep your home safe by allowing you to communicate with your visitors and prevent strangers from accessing your property.

A house alarm system is designed to identify unlawful entry into your home. The best type of alarm for you is entirely dependent on various factors, such as your budget, the level of protection you require and your personal preference.

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