As technology continues to progress, our everyday lives become increasingly more straightforward. We can dim the lights without moving from the sofa and can even turn on or off TVs, Music and DVDs in any room from a touch of a button.  All this is available with comprehensive home automation from JCL.

Home automation refers to a homeowner’s ability to control basic features in their house automatically and sometimes remotely, using a smartphone or computer. This could be anything from having your morning coffee ready for you when you wake up to switching off the lights when you go to bed. A house filled with home automation technology is often known as a smart home and it allows you to carry out your normal daily routine with significantly less effort.

Integrating your smart devices to one centralised location will enable you to establish systems that automatically work simultaneously.

In other words, you can throw out your alarm clock and set your blinds to open at specific times so that the warm morning sun awakens you.

There are several different smart home technologies available and more and more new homes are being built with the necessary wiring to run modern home automation systems. If there ever comes a time when you want to sell your home, having an automation system installed will be attractive to a buyer, therefore increasing the property value.

Installing home automation is no longer only obtainable by wealthier families. In fact, smart homes are gradually becoming more and more popular amongst the average homeowner because the affordable investment allows you to save energy, and in turn, money.

For example, if you forget to turn off the lights before leaving for work, you can do so on your smart phone as soon as you remember, so that you are not wasting money lighting an empty house. If you go out for an unplanned meal, you can delay the timer on your thermostat so that the heating does not come on whilst you’re out. Also Home Electric or Gas central heating can be controlled via smart phone or any remote device, so you forgot to turn on the lounge heating no problem turn it on 1 or 2 hours before getting home.

By basing things like lighting, heating and plumbing around the times you and your family are actually at home making use of them, you will only use necessary energy. As a result, your utility bills will drop significantly.

At JCL, we offer a range of home automation products; please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or require some advice.